Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lil Falcon has accepted who she is demon hunter as well as a guardian. She is even dating a half demon Bran. She has also accepted the fact who her father is, a very evil man who only wants to use Lil for her powers and her weapon the Kris Dagger. Its the most powerful weapon anyone has.  But when she starts talking to her father who is putting doubts in her head about the people she loves. Her best friend (human friend) starts having abilities that no human person could have she starts to suspect her of betrayed. Then when the boy she loves Bran starts pushing her away,keeping secrets, and acting weird she has to wonder if he is starting to go to the dark side working for her father. 
 She wonders who she can trust or believe. Her own father or her friends n family and the one person who she loves.  
I really enjoy this book. After reading the 1st book I couldnt wait to pick up this one and once I did I couldnt put it down. There was so much action and drama in this book is was great! I can not wait to get the next book and I hope this series goes on and on. I give it 5 out 5 stars! 

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