Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mine to Take

Mine to Take

Rachel Carrington

Synopsis from Amazon:
didn't ordinarily break the rules, but everyone has bad days, right? I mean, as an Angel of Death, I always toed the party line. That is until one night when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and along came Dominic. He’s another AOD, but don’t think of him as an angel because really, he’s anything but. To me, he was more like a walking advertisement for sin.

So that night, Dominic and I broke a cardinal rule—no fraternization between Angels of Death. Don’t ask me why it’s a rule. I guess that was why Dominic hauled ass before I even woke up the next morning. As an AOD, I understood. As a woman, I was pissed. 

So fast forward two months, and both Dominic and I are facing disciplinary punishment if we don’t figure out how to put our differences aside and work together. Unfortunately, I’ve never been one to let go of a grudge very easily, and when it seemed like Dominic had no issues about what he did, my anger grew by leaps and bounds.

An argument generated more heat than Chernobyl, and once again, Dominic and I delved into the disallowed. And while we were busy getting busy, we lost a soul in a horrifying way. Now, we’ve been given an ultimatum. Find the soul and help her cross over, or both Dominic and I will have to cross over ourselves. As in permanently.

My review:
Rachel Carrington has done it again! The first chapter had me laughing (on the inside because I started reading this novella in a library), and Dominic had me thinking of other male dominant personalities in some of my other favorite books. I was so irritated for most of the book because you knew Dominic knew something was up and just wouldn't tell Cleo. The relationship within Mine to Take is one that is actually real. You felt compassion for the spirits within this novella as well as the two Angels of Death. It is really hard for me to decide which one is my favorite so far: Share Your Soul and Mine to Take. I LOVE them both. I sat down and started reading this novella and finished an hour and a half later. You will not want to put this story down. I would recommend this to any reader interested in supernatural beings. My rating is 4 stars, and I will be picking up another novella to this series as soon as possible.


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