Monday, June 24, 2013


Synopsis from Amazon (I removed a little bit because I thought they were spoliers!!):

Career woman Jessica Tandy, has a rest stop in a tiny town called Alma, in the Alaska Range. Coming back from the ‘camping trip from hell’, with a cold and obnoxious boyfriend; she meets Flint Riverclaw, a Native Alaskan. The handsome stranger sees she’s unwell with her diabetes and insists on shouting her food and drink. 

He offers to take her to Anchorage, since her boyfriend who’s driving, has been drinking beer. Jessica accepts and the two continue to become acquainted, during the journey. Flint’s strong build, handsome features and kindness wins her over, so much so, she invites him into her hotel room.

The next morning, she tiptoes out when he’s still asleep, to catch her flight back to Seattle. However, she can’t get the man out of her mind as her body won’t stop shaking. She’s shocked three days later when out of the blue, Flint shows up at her apartment to tell her two things….

My Review:

Like most novella’s this story was simply too short. This story reminded me so much of my favorite vampire series by Lynsay Sands, which if you haven’t read they are simply amazing. Claimed is told in the POV of a 29 year old Jessica Tandy who has a bad habit of dating the wrong guys, and is left stranded with Flint, a sexy man she was instantly attracted too! I liked Flint the minute he was introduced because he was worried about Jessica’s safety and made sure she ate and drank some OJ. While I knew what the story was basically going to be about before they left the bar, I still finished and I am glad I did.

Claimed is a quick and easy read (103 pages) that readers who enjoy paranormal romance would love to read. There are moments in the story where you want to laugh or you feel sad for what can no longer happen. I feel that this could have easily been a novel or miniseries with Jessica and Flint. I’m a sucker for romance and wish I could read about the couple’s lives forever. J Well I have researched this series and found out that there are others, I am not sure if there are others about Flint and Jessica.
My rating for this story is 4 stars!