Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bringer of Fire (The Logan Bringer Series, Book 1 By: Jaz Primo

Bringer of Fire (The Logan Bringer Series, Book 1) 
By: Jaz Primo 
Publication Date: January 29, 2013

Book Description:
An an ex-Special Forces soldier manifests telekinetic powers only to confront corporate and governmental cover-ups, as well as threats from a clandestine terrorist organization. The world quickly discovers that one man’s powers could change the course of humankind.


In the early twenty-first century, the world is a darker place where international superpowers tenuously jockey for both political and economic supremacy. It’s a time when the rights and interests of the individual carry little weight. But a medical breakthrough spontaneously blossoms telekinetic abilities within the body of one man, altering humanity’s evolution and threatening to tip the world’s balance of power.

That man is Logan Bringer.

When humankind’s greatest achievement leads to a race for its control, some will bring political and economic powers to bear. Others unleash an array of assassins and weaponry. However, when an assassin directly threatens Logan’s family, Logan unleashes himself.

He is…the Bringer of Fire.

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