Friday, October 21, 2011

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Tina Carreiro author of Power of the Moon sent me these! thank you!!

Review for The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 3 by Jennifer Wright

I was so excited to start reading this! First a thank you to Jennifer Wright for giving me this arc. The first two parts were so good that I knew part 3 would be awesome and it was.

Chloe was settling down with her new life after her mom had died and learning about who her mom really was as well as who her father really was. Her father was a vampire and her mother was the best vampire hunter anyone knew. One day during her training she finds out that she has the power of fire. Setting things on fire which comes in handy when the one person you want to kill is a vampire.One night an attack happens in the town she is living in because her father has been sending people to capture her.Some people die or get hurt one person that gets hurt is Luke her grandpa. Then she gets asks to go to a dance by the most popular boy in school,but when she gets done dress shopping she see's someone. Chloe's gut is telling her that its her father.

Thats where this amazing story ends,well this part anyways. I say what one heck of a way to end a book! I tell ya Jennifer Wright knows how to leave you wanting more! This part had fighting in it and I think its leading towards a huge fighting seen sometime maybe in the next book or so between Chloe and her father. I can not wait to read that part. Trust me when I say when you read this you will not be disappointed well maybe at then end because of how the writers leaves it but I mean come on most good writers leave their book on cliffhangers.
5 out of 5 stars!

Currently Reading The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 3 by Jennifer Malone Wright