Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Essence Blog Tour Stop

Synopsis: Jocelyn Timmons does not believe she is anything special — just an ordinary high school senior, living an ordinary life full of school-work, volleyball and friends. She’s about to find out how wrong she is. Jackson Chandler moved in to the house across the street. His dark wavy hair, green eyes and charismatic personality draws everyone to him. Everyone, but Jocelyn. Whenever Jackson gets near Jocelyn she feels ill and dizzy. When he touches her, she blacks out and has visions of another life, in another time. As the odd hallucinations evolve and become clearer, she feels a strong pull towards the people she sees there. Frightened, she watches her once stable life begin to crumble around her and she begins to question her own sanity. Could it be possible that these episodes are actually her own memories of a life she is living somehow, somewhere, somewhen? Maybe this is time-travel or some other paranormal mysticism? Our minds wander; do our souls?
My Review I absolutely loved this book! From the very beginning I was hooked, then the ending why oh why did there has to be a cliffhanger!? Jocelyn was so smart but I just wanted to scream the answer at her. The you can just tell Jackson is hot and so yummy and someone I wished I met in high school. The different scenes kind of threw me but once I got the hang of it I wanted more! The Jocelyn from the past isn't the same Jocelyn from the future, I mean they are the same person but two different personalities. As soon as I finished this book I wanted the second one! Sadly it's not ready yet but with this series it's one to watch that's for sure! Stars: 5 out of 5 stars
Ms. Waddington has a website at www.alwaddington.com as well as a facebook page www.facebook.com/EVEseries.com is on twitter @eveseries #EssenceBook1EVEseries


  1. I know she is finishing book4 now. Book2 is to be released in the spring2014 and is presently getting cover art and edited. So glad you liked the book-- means a lot coming from a great reader like yourself!

  2. Essence, the first book in the EVE series, is simply amazing! It has a unique take on time travel and there's no sci-fi involved. Funny, though, as it's the only way time travel could be possible without breaking many of our fundamental laws of science.

    The book, at heart, is mainly a young adult romance novel. However, I'm 42 and enjoyed the book very much. I got an advanced reading copy of the book and can't wait for it to be published so I can read it again, with all the finishing touches added in.

    Oh, and the ending, my, my.... it makes you want to rush out and buy the next book, Enlightened, in the series. Luckily, we don't have to wait long as April is only 3 months away.