Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wicked Sunset By Jaz Primo

Wicked Sunset 
by Jaz Primo

                               I first want to say I received this book by the author for my honest review. 

My Book Description:

Another adventure with Katrina and Caleb's relationship. They last left off finally happy and moving on with their relationship even through war was coming for them. War was going to break out between the high ranking vampires and the rebel vampires. Katrina being called away to consult and basically runt the army of vampires just sitting by and trying to keep peace in London. Caleb being left with just his "babysitter" and surrogate vampire Paige, although he is kept busy by going back to school he continues his training with Paige. Then when Caleb and Paige joins Katrina in London, she is surprise but still worries that her human mate is in grave danger.  There is so much that can and will go wrong when it comes to Caleb. 

My Review:

There are many things I have to say about this book and this series. The main thing I want to say about this series is OMG I WANT MORE!! Lol Might sound childish and just a huge fan of Jaz Primo’s work. There are many things I want to say that happened in this book but can’t because I don’t want to put any spoils in this review as requested by the author.  Plus, if I started writing everything I want to I would write everything that happened in this book. I feel like I lived through everything that happened while in this series. I do have a few problems with how Katrina treats Caleb, like he’s breakable even though he is human and she is a vampire shouldn’t make him weak if anything it should give him a upper hand because all humans are unpredictable. Then I thought that something would happened between Paige and Caleb, I would like to see something to happen there too.  One thing I didn’t not like about this book was the ending it didn’t seem like a ending at all, it just stopped. It wasn’t a proper ending, I wouldn’t say a proper ending just not something I would expect from this author.


I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars, I would give it the full 5 but that ending was disappointing and unfitting for a story such as this and for this series to continued. 

The Author:

Sunset Vampire Series

As soon as buy links are up I will edit this post to include them. Enjoy!

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