Saturday, March 30, 2013

Unite Our Souls

Unite Our Souls

Rachel Carrington

Synopsis from
A sexy Angel of Death had to tell me I was dead. But he wasn’t there to offer comfort. He was there to take me to the other side. Wherever that is. I wasn’t ready to go, though. My nephew, Joey, needed my bone marrow if he was going to survive, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to give it to him now that I was dead.

Grayson, the angel, told me he’d help but then I’d have to cross over. I certainly didn’t expect to fall for the one being that intended to hustle me across the mortal realm. I don’t think he expected to fall, either. You’d think that would be difficult enough, but the real trouble began when I discovered his ‘help’ came at a price…or a punishment, rather. He’d broken a rule, and for that, he would suffer if I couldn’t stop it.

So here I am in love with the Angel of Death, trying to save my nephew’s life, and wondering what exactly happens on this other side Grayson talks about. And learning more and more that I didn’t want to leave my angel any more than I wanted to stay dead. Sometimes, though, life just doesn’t give you choices..

My review:
It is hard for me to pick my favorite couple from this series, because they are all such great stories. I was really surprised while reading this because the ending was different from the other two Rachel Carrington novella’s that I have read previously. While the other two stories were about revenge and a love-hate relationship, this book contained much love between family members with a side of passion between the Angel and the spirit, in this case Erica. I sat down tonight to start this book after a long busy week and I loved every page. I really hope that Rachel Carrington will bring back each couple and give more of their story to her readers. I would read any work published by Rachel Carrington and recommend it to any reader. My rating for this novella is 4 out of 5 stars. Go 1-click your way into this book, you will not regret it!


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