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The Story of Rachel by K.D. McLean

The Story of Rachel
by K.D McLean

 July 27, 2012

Book Description (taken from amazon):
Rachel, a successful reporter has experienced the modern, urban cycle of life – marriage, career building, divorce, then internet dating. She is almost ready to give up on meeting the right guy. She wonders where all of the self assured, interesting men are, do they exist or more likely are already taken. 
At an erotic art exhibit displaying scenes of dominance, bondage and pain, Rachel is intrigued. While there, she meets a man who knows what he wants; he wants her. 
Handsome, and urbane Michael introduces her to a world of uninhibited eroticism, blending pain and pleasure, weaving the two strands into a rope of desire. He teaches Rachel the rules in the Dominant/Submissive relationship - where sexual pleasure can increase if paired with pain. He tantalizes her. She aches for the release his touch brings and willingly submits. She learns of the many flavors of eros in her visit to the private and exclusive club – Pandora’s.
In her yearning Rachel finds new depths of sensuality, and pleasures she never knew she possessed. Michael learns from Rachel's courage in love to confront and break his own bonds of fear.

I was given this book by the author for my honest review

My Opinion:

I find myself reading more and more of these kinds of books everyday. The last couple of books have been romance books and everyone knows my genre is paranormal and paranormal romance but I think I might have to change favorite genres. Rachel and Michael has some chemistry and it shows as soon as they are introduced. I found myself blushing at many different parts of this book and laughing at the fact that I was blushing. This book reminded me a lot of 50 shades because that was the first series I read that had BDSM lifestyle in it. After this series I think I will be reading more of this kind of lifestyle. The way that Rachel was portrayed beautifully and I think that was right on the mark. And with Michael as he introduces a new lifestyle to Rachel is a new Christian Gray but with a little more nice I guess I would put it.  I can not wait to read more of this cute interesting couple! 

5 out of 5 Stars!!! 

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