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Midnight Blood by Nicole Yanski

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Review for Midnight Blood by Nicole Yanski

In a small town in Michigan, there were twin sisters Shayna and Melina Verona. Even through they are twin sisters they are very different from each other. Some people don't even think they are twins. Shayna and Melina's father was a vampire. Shayna is a halfling, her blood is very special because her father was born a vampire so she had pure blood. Her blood was so special also because she is a princess! It's not til she turns eighteen that she becomes completely imortal and she stops aging. 
Shayna is the kind of girl that doesn't really date, it isn't until a new boy moves to town when she changes her mind. Cain Luca is a handsome young boy or so it appears and right away Shayna is head over heals for him. She soon finds out that he is like her a halfling, but his blood isn't pure like Shayna's. There are a couple of other things that Cain is keeping from Shayna, some of his secrets will either break her heart or kill her. Cain needs Shayna's blood to live without it he will die. Then Cain's brother,Aiden starts appearing to Shayna in her dreams and he is saying that Cain isn't who he says he is and that he has a horrible past. Will Shayna be able to decide rather or not Cain is here to love her and not kill her?

My opinion:
I love this book, even through  it was very short it keeps your attention from the beginning to the end! It had a little bit of everything in it from romance to action. The writing in this story was unbelievable! Nicole Yanski has some talent and I for one can't wait to read what she has coming next. And she told me she has a few chapters done of the sequal to this book done. I can't wait for this book, I believe it will be worth the wait. The clifhanger it leaves you at will make you angry because you will want more! 

My Rating:
5 out of 5 stars

Where to buy the book (and trust me you want to buy this book) 

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