Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shay Fabbro Guest Author today

Guest post with Shay Fabbro

When I first got the idea for Dangerous Reflections, I tossed around the idea of having Alex live somewhere other than the US. Australia was first on the list as was Paris, but after trying and rejecting other locales, I decided to have the story take place a little closer to home.

Well, more like WAY close to home. In the same TOWN I currently live in, actually. I thought it might be kind of fun to have a story take place in Grand Junction, Colorado. Maybe put it on the map, like Stephenie Meyers did for Forks, Washington. Who knows, if my books make it big, there may be tours and such of Grand Junction and people can see where Alex spent her teenage years  J

Once I really got to thinking about it, Grand Junction seemed a perfect place to have this adventure take place. I grew up here and could incorporate some of my favorite places into the books. Not to mention that there is some pretty gorgeous scenery.

Grand Junction is surrounded by mountains, actually. We have the Grand Mesa and the Bookcliffs as well as the Monument. Alex lives at the base of the Monument and gets to go hiking whenever she wants to. Someday, hubby and I will have a house up there and I’ll be able to go out my back yard and enjoy the splendor of nature any time I want. There’s a pretty neat secret revealed at the beginning of Twisted Reflections pertaining to the Monument. It was something I’d always wanted to find while up in the hills hiking around. It’s sort of fun being a writer. I get to let my characters live out my dreams!

I thought it would be fun to have Alex go to the same high school I did and hang out at the same places I used to when I was a teenager. Folks that are from Grand Junction will recognize many of the locales in the Alexis Davenport books. Might even be a nice trip down memory lane for them.

Have you read books that take place in your hometown or some city/town you are familiar with?

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