Monday, March 5, 2012

Review for The Many Lives of Avery Snow By Christy

Review for The Many Lives of Avery Snow by Christy Sloat

I was given this book by the author herself to review, first I want to say thank you Christy for this amazing chance to read your book! 

Avery Snow was just another normal girl working at Sunrise Estates with her boss/ best friend Kerri. One day one of her friends Lucy that she takes care of dies but she delivers a message to Avery. Someone is coming after her from her past life. This man's name is Cooper, and he will stop at nothing to get her. So what do you do when someone is after you demanding that you be their's forever? Well for Avery she can not sleep because when she does she dreams and she thinks that these dreams are real. So she is afraid to sleep so that way she doesn't dream.
The there is Lanni, Avery's spirit guide. Who is here to help Avery figure out what is going on. So Lanni takes Avery back to the past to find out who Cooper is and what he means to her. But there is another problem that Avery has. She already has someone to love and loves her in return, so now she is torn. As she is taken back into the past she has to decide who she wants to be with now in the present. 
She has Dark Guides after her, Lanni trying to get her to make the right choice, the one Avery's soul doesnt want. Makes you wonder if past will repeat itself. 

I loved this book! As soon as I picked it up I couldnt put it down. It reminded me of twilight, and so many other books where there is a love triangle and always people fighting for some girl's love. This book is like the others but I think this deserves a ranking with twilight! IT would be as big as twilight if only people would give it a chance! You wont be disppointed!

Of course such a great book deserves a 5 star rating! If I could I would give it a higher one!

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