Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review for Compulsion by Kimberlee Burks-Miller

Review for Compulsion by Kimberlee Burks-Miller

This book through me for a emotion rollar coaster and I don't normally let books do that because well they are just books, but this book WOW! That is all I have to say. So many good parts in this book it was unbelievable. Not to mention it wasn't boring not one part,it started right in the action and ended in action.
Now on to what the book is about. Lillyann Moon is just a regular girl until her grandmother dies and some hot guy shows interests in her. When Lilly's grandmother dies she learns that she is a witch well that her whole family is a witch. For a moment Lilly doesn't believe it then come to find out its true. While trying to deal with all of that she learns that this hot guy who she has been dating is a vampire! Lilly isnt sure on what to do, her heart is telling her that she is in love with Mason but her head is saying he is a vampire! Its not until one of her family members is in trouble does she learn that Mason is a good vampire. So she follows her heart and starts dating him and they fall in love. But that's not where the story ends oh no there is more come to find out that it was Mason's brothers that are responsible for Lilly's grandmothers death and they are coming after Lilly and her family next. So she and the rest of her family has to start preparing for their lives. You are not sure if they are going to win this battle or if they will all die til the very end.

I absolutely love this book! I mean like I said it made me cry and it made me laugh. Kimberlee Burks-Miller sure knows how to write a book let me tell you. The way that she makes Lilly and Mason's relationship have highs and lows is amazing. Then what her and her family has to go through is emotional. The writing on this book is amazing like I said not one boring part. It actually starts off in action! Most books makes you wait for the action til like 4 or 5 chapters in but not this one.I actually thought that she was going to have Mason die! I cant say much more without reveling more of the book then I already have. That was the best! I can not wait til the next book I mean there has to be one Kimberlee cant make it end like that.
I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a paranormal romance! This is a must read! And it has earn a spot on my top 10 books I must own!

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